1/14 Custom Aluminum Flatbed Trailers

1/14 Scale Custom Aluminum Flatbed Trailers

I designed my own line of flatbed trailers to fit Tamiya’s 1/14 scale trucks, such as the King Hauler and Knight Hauler, because I didn’t like what was currently available on the market. I have designed these trailers from the axles up, including the axles and airbag system. I designed my own DOT bumpers and frames as well. The only thing on these trailers not designed by me are the wheels and support legs.

One of my goals was to have these trailers look scale in their appearance, which was hard to find with the stock Tamiya trailers currently available.
This meant the correct height between the underside of the trailer and the tractor tires. 


Many trailers offered on the market sit much too high which I didn’t like.  The reason they all sit too high is because of the automatic 5th wheel couplers attached to the 5th wheel plate.
My trailers support legs work just like the real ones do. They are manually operated which means no thick auto coupler making the trailers sit way too high. I have never operated a 1:1 flatbed semi trailer that automatically snapped the landing gear up when I backed under it in real life. They are all manually operated.

It also meant the correct width overhang for a 102″ wide trailer. Full size 1:1 trailers overhang the tractor duals by 3″ on each side. My trailers overhang a Tamiya truck’s dual wheels by .22″ on each side which is scale.

My trailers are built to 1/13.5 scale which is what 1/14th Tamiya semi tractors actually are.  I have tried to build my trailers to scale in width, height, and length, based on a full size trailer’s dimension of 48′ long and 102″ wide.

All my trailers come with led marker lights and led taillights and hidden wiring .  Wiring is completely enclosed between the the two decks along with an enclosed battery.
  The LED lights have their own 7.2 volt battery mounted in between the frame rails in an aluminum battery box with a toggle switch. This makes for a very neat and clean underside. Trailer lighting is independent of the truck, trailer will have marker and taillights regardless of what you have on your truck.
Note: Battery is not included in price.

The suspension is a modular air bag trailing arm design. It is designed to be sold separately if you are building your own chassis. Its design also makes it easy to transform one of my trailers from a closed tandem trailer, to a spread axle, or even a triple axle trailer.
It is just a matter of taking a couple of bolts out and sliding the modular suspension to where you want it mounted, and for a tri-axle simply add another suspension module between the existing spread axle units.

Independently turning axles are housed in a brass and aluminum axle tube assy. with pressed in bearings, axle shafts are 5mm in diameter, and outer axle tubes are 1/2″ diameter.


Trailers are built out of 100% aluminum, including the wheels. The only thing not aluminum are the nail strips on the deck, and the plastic support legs. All hardware is metric, low profile hex head hardware where possible.

Trailers come with DOT  safety tape on the sides and rear. You won’t find these trailers anywhere else as they are all my design.

Trailers measure 42.80″” long and 7.55″ wide, which is based on a 1:1 trailer’s dimensions of 48′ x 102″.

Click on the menu buttons for specifications and pricing on the 48′ spread axle or the 48′ tri-axle trailers.


25 Responses to 1/14 Custom Aluminum Flatbed Trailers

  1. jared says:

    im very interested in one of your trailers but i need to finish my truck first but i was wondering if the truck on your website is a tamiya with a wedico body and where can i get a cab like that thanks

    • darnat3 says:

      Hello Jared, Great I would be happy to sell you a trailer when you are ready! The cab is a Tamiya King Hauler cab that I modified. The fenders were cutoff and reformed, the headlights modified and the hood lengthened. I also added the pass. side foot window. The sleeper is a Wedico sleeper and worked good with the Tamiya cab. Thanks for checking my site out!! Talk to you later, Darwin

  2. Jared says:

    I just ordered a trailer and can’t wait till it gets here but I’m wanting to convert my king hauler to a peterbuilt and would like some pointers on how to form and remount the fenders and how to stretch the hood, I really like the way your truck looks and I would like to make mine similar to yours. Thanks Jared

  3. jared says:

    I am still interested in buying one of your trailers, I understand you are in the middle of a move, If you would just contact me when you are ready to sell and I would be more than happy to purchase one, Thanks again Jared.

    • darnat3 says:

      Hi Jared, Things are coming along with the move, I expect to be able to start working in bit of a cramped area (for now) at least very soon. I think I will be set up enough to be able to begin on a trailer on Monday, so hopefully in the next two weeks your trailer should be done. I appreciate your interest and look forward to completing yours. I will let you know next week sometime how it is coming along and give you a completion date. Thanks Jared!!


  4. dwayne says:

    what are the prices for your trailers and can you buy the parts separate ,i have other trailers and would like to add the spreads on them thanks

    • darnat3 says:

      Hello Dwayne, The price on the all aluminum spread axle trailer with lights etc. is $550.00 (oops, price went up to 580.00 due to metal costs) plus shipping. If you click on the links in the menu bar above it will show that trailer along with more info on it. Yes I do sell the suspension separately, a complete tandem suspension set is 125.00 plus shipping. That includes everything but the wheels. The axles are 5mm versus standard 4mm on wheels , I include 5mm bit to slightly enlarge wheel hole by 1mm. I can send more detailed specs on the suspension, measurements etc and you can decide if it will work on your trailers. They are super easy to mount and you can easily go from a spread axle to a triple axle in the future or a closed tandem just by repositioning modular suspension. Thanks, Darwin

  5. Clyde Kitchens says:

    Hey Guy! When I get ready to order, are you on e-bay ? I like your trailers above all others! Thanks, Clyde

    • darnat3 says:

      Hello, yes I currently do have one up on Ebay although I usually don’t because Ebay selling fees are too high. You can purchase from here and use Paypal if you like. Thanks a lot, Darwin

  6. Bobby Summers says:

    Hello I have a question about your led lights I was woundering how you got your lights to hook up to a 7.2 volt battery and a toggle switch how can I hook up my lights to a switch cause right now I’m useing a 9 volt battery and I wanted to hook them up to a toggle instead of unhooking them when I get done.


  7. Jim says:

    To darnat3,
    I would like to get a price on 1 of your Split Axle Trailers. You can email me at trukdriverj@aol.com Thanks for your time

  8. Mike says:

    I would like a triaxle, are they still available? Email me and we can discuss details.
    Thanks in advance

  9. Jerry Schmidt says:

    I am interested in a spread axles air ride flatbed myself. Are you avaiable to work on one soon? and do you accept paypal? Thanks in advance! Jerry

  10. jared says:

    Hey Darnat3, This is Jared, I bought a trailer from you not too long ago and Im wondering if you are able to build me another spread axle soon, Please let me know soon, Thanks.

    • darnat3 says:

      Hi Jared, I am glad you liked the first one and want another one, like I said to one of the other posters, I am currently not able to build trailers due to my other work which is taking up all my time, and it isn’t even enjoyable like building trailers is! I will let you know when one becomes available, I will honer those who have asked for one first though. Thanks again, Darwin

  11. Jerry Schmidt says:

    Hey Jared there is a line of us waiting so no cuts and be patient.

    • darnat3 says:

      Thanks Jerry, I won’t let anyone cut in front of you! I appreciate your interest very much. Darwin

      • Jerry Schmidt says:

        I appreciate that Jared. I wasnt being totally serious with Darwin. Just messin around. But then again I would pay you $100.00 over your reg price to get you to build me a trailer sooner then later!

  12. james says:

    hello, i would like to order a spread axle trailer, any word on when / if there being built any longer?

    • darnat3 says:

      James, currently I am not building trailers due to other work which has taken all my free time. I do hope to get back to it, but I can not say when that will be. I will let people know, who are interested in them . I will contact people in order of who contacted me first. I sure do appreciate all the interest and wish I had more time to devote to this. Thanks again! Darwin

  13. Jerry Schmidt says:

    Hey Darwin, hope things are going well for you! Are we getting any closer to you building trailers again? I sure hope so! Let me know if you could.

  14. Jerry Schmidt says:

    Still no word on building trailers again???

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